Healthy Foods Promote the Synthesis of Glutathione

Healthy Foods Promote the Synthesis of Glutathione

Therefore, healthy food is the premise to increase glutathione, or through other means to promote its products. And secretion of intracellular glutathione is also affected by the impact of the sulfur-containing amino acid and homocysteine levels. Cysteine as a free amino acid may have existed toxicity, it is natural metabolites formed in the gastrointestinal tract and the plasma decomposition process.


But cysteine is relatively more stable than cysteine. Intake healthy food rich in sulfur amino acids helps to raise glutathione levels. Here are some sources of healthy food and nutritional supplements, which can naturally increase the levels of glutathione in the blood. It derived from amino acids, and as a pre-form of glutathione. Once the N-acetyl-L-cysteine into the body can be rapidly metabolized and converted into glutathione.


Scientific research and clinical trials have proved that healthy food containing it can increase the production of the intracellular glutathione. It commonly used in the treatment of lung diseases, such as fibrosis cysts, bronchitis and asthma. Silymarin, milk thistle is a powerful antioxidant, support and prevent liver glutathione depletion. Silymarin is the active compound of milk thistle, which is a natural liver detoxification agent, can protect the liver from many industrial toxins such as carbon tetrachloride damage.


Alpha-lipoic acid is naturally acquired in human cells, and as a by-product of energy release, alpha-lipoic acid increase intracellular glutathione levels is a natural antioxidant with free radical scavenging ability. It has the regenerative capacity of the antioxidant, such as vitamin C and E, and to improve their effectiveness.


Alpha-lipoic acid can also help improve the absorption of glucose, and to prevent cell damage associated with diabetic complications caused. In addition, it has a certain degree of protection of the efficacy of the brain. According to glutathione supplier, asparagus is the main source of glutathione. Healthy foods such as cabbage, avocado and spinach also thought that can increase the levels of glutathione. Raw eggs, garlic and fresh unprocessed meats also contain high concentrations of sulfur-containing amino acids and help to maintain optimal levels of glutathione.


Whey protein contains sulfur amino acids. However, heating or pasteurization destroyed milk disulfide bonds, make these proteins lost the biological activity. Whey protein is a non-heated product, therefore maintain the biological activity of cystine and other amino acids. Much of the scientific research and clinical trials, it has been proven that can optimize glutathione levels. Curcumin has the role of treating brain cells, astrocytes. Have been found that put Indian curry spices with it can increase the glutathione S – transferase and protect neurons contact with oxidative stress. Platycodon root, can greatly reduce the oxidative damage to liver cells and reduce cell death and lipid peroxidation.


Selenium supplements have become a popular health food because some studies have found that they are likely to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, and have the function of improving the immune system and thyroid. However, too much selenium will cause some side effects, including gastrointestinal upset, brittle nails, hair loss and mild nerve damage and so on.


Especially when the sodium glutamate, taste nucleotides and glutathione exist at the same time, with a strong meat flavour. Therefore, to improve the yeast glutathione content is quite important. Yeast extract not only used to be air fresheners, flavour enhancers, also have the following applications can be developed. Pasta quality improver. In recent years, people concerning about the freshness of bread quality as concerning the fresh food. In bread processing industry has confirmed: glutathione added to the dough, can shorten the kneading time, even at the end of the kneading, stored for a certain time firstly will not affecting the thawed fermentation and produce a good quality bread.


Because of prefabricated frozen dough in the bread processing industry, as a raw of bread, after the large-scale production, distribution to the various consumer point increase in the proportion of on-site baking fresh bread, this is a bread industry trends. So that glutathione-containing yeast and yeast extract will have broad application prospects in pasta processing. Food antioxidants. Early findings show that reduced glutathione with the function of antioxidized and eliminate lipid peroxidation generated. For the food which contains taste nucleotide, it can prevent oxidative decomposition and lose the taste.


Studies have shown the significant antioxidant effect of oily food, yeast extract, and better than the single-use glutathione, the maintenance time is longer. In surimi, sausage, soy sauce, and other foods, when added inosine monophosphate guanylate, due to the food containing pasteurization conditions, no phosphatase inactivation exist, will make inosine monophosphate guanylate decomposing and loss of taste effect. Add reduced glutathione-SH group compounds, can effectively inhibit its decomposition. Feed additives. Glutathione has a good effect on protecting the liver. Due to too dense and unclean feeding in fish farming, the fish liver function is bad, show up reduced feeding, slow growth, and even death.


Yeast extract, can be used for liver protection active ingredients in fish mixed food, improve fish growth conditions, improve the economic benefits of aquaculture. Dairy feeding cows liver dysfunction, production decline had used pantothenic acid calcium additives, but poor palatability. Therefore, in dairy cows breeding, glutathione-containing yeast extract can be used to enable the role to improve the liver function of dairy cows. Although glutathione is widely used in food, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic raw material and so on,but  its extract is extremely rare, so the price is very expensive.


Human wants to intake glutathione, can take advantage of the amino acid in watermelon, asparagus and other fresh vegetables and meat-producing cells. Amino acids form of glutathione, it is a small molecule in the body. In every cell of the body contains the product of these amino acids. The body’s immune system can get a lot of benefits from glutathione. It can be a safe and effective method for skin whitening.


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